Real Silicone Girl With Red


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How to use?
Before you use it, some oil should be needed, since it can not secrete love water. Oil can make you feel more smooth and lifelike when you enter the doll. You can rub some oil according to your own requirements.
Choose a suitable position or the pose you like, then start your sex love exploring. It is fantastic and amazing feeling that you will never forget
How to clean?
Put some shower gel or hand washing gel on the doll skin and inside the doll vagina
Put some water in it. Use your finger rub and massage it.
Then spill out the water.
Repeat it for twice or three times till it is clean.
After washing it, you could swing it a little hard, and use a dry towel and put it in the hole till it dry
At last, dry it naturally
How to maintenance?
A, when washing , it is better to use pure water, the water temperature should below 80C
B, after washing, it is recommended that putting some skin care powder or baby skin powder, in order to keep the baby doll skin smooth soft and quality, meanwhile can cover the product smell, better effect.
C, please do not keep the product under the strong sun for long time, since under high temperature and strong light or wind, there are many permeable things which is harmful to the sex doll or there are many volatile gas come out from the doll, so it is better to keep the product under cool and dry shade circumstances.
Material: TPR
Weight : 6kg
Size: 42*24*17cm (16″ x 9.5″ x 6.5″)
This Product is exclusively for individual, please be careful to keep it clean before and after use; when washing it, keep circuit part away from water, avoid to cause electrical fault; keep silicone cover away from dirty matter like ink; before storage, remove battery and reposition back to its normal site respectively in packing box for future use.
If you need any help, please feel free to let us know ,We will provide you our best support and service.


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