Nalone Wave Massager


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This is a high-end female massager.

This is a high-end female massager, it’s a quality goods of HK Nalone. Ergonomic design, totally mutt, waterproof, America lithium battery, it can work continuously for more than 3 hours, 7 touch-control modes of vibration, nanometer material, intelligent chip control.

Material: silicone, metallic aluminum

Size: 210mm*52mm*45mm

Mode of vibration: 7 modes

Charging: lithium battery

Use time: 3 hours (when charging, the light is twinkling, when charging is finished, the light stop twinkling)

Max noise: less than 50 db

Waterproof: 100%

The features of Touch

1. The first touch-control massager in the world

2. Touch-control modes + 7 manual modes for your choice

3. Special design brings unlimited G spot orgasm

4. 100% waterproof, you can enjoy the process entirely

5. 100% silicone, safety and healthy

6. Mutt motor, use it freely

7. High effective lithium battery, it can be used for a long time

8. Beautiful packaging, it is nice no matter as a gift or yourself


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