Durex Play Very Cherry

Why use lubes? Using a lube can add spice to your sex life, experiment with different flavours and sensations until you find the one that suits you best. From time to time, no matter how sexy you are feeling, your body might not always produce as much moisture as you need so add a little lube to make things a little more sensual. Lubes are also perfect for use with stimulators if you are looking to make things even more sensual. Water based lubes are Durex condom friendly but oil based products can damage and degrade them so make sure you check before combining them. You can rely on all Durex lubes to be condom friendly! It is a flavored lubricant. It is water based. Play Very Cherry feels smooth, tastes sweet and is deliciously fruity. Use it wherever you like, whenever you like. And because it’s totally sugar free, it’s one pleasure that’s also guilt free – so use as much as you like! Water Soluble. Safe to use with condoms and vibrators.

2,200.00 1,600.00

Safe to use with condoms and vibrators.
In a twist pump action bottle for easy usage.
It is useful for giving oral sex to the female partner. Read more about Oral Sex Here.
Play Lubes can slow down sperm. So if you are trying to get pregnant consult your doctor before use.
Here Are some Great Positions for Having Oral Sex :


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