Alone Girl- BIG


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Color: color8.jpg [1002S] Function: [Vibration] 【Function】
Remarkably lifelike, sexy and attractive. Production of materials using the latest simulation materials, soft and delicate touch, flexible, fully reproduce the real elegance.
[Specifications] Size following figure. One installed.
[Material] Medical polymer non-toxic materials
1, wear a condom on the male genitalia and a generous amount of lubricant
2, the penis into the apparatus until the climax, ejaculation
3 penile exit from the apparatus within
[Note] The apparatus for personal use only, and should pay attention to hygiene before and after use; circuit part and avoid contact with water when cleaning the equipment after use, avoid electrical failures; jacket should not contact with the ink and other dirt from the battery box; collection before remove the battery, packing box, according to the original location of each collection well placed for the next use.


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